Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catskill River to Kingston

We got to sleep in today!

Harley and Steve looked at the tide tables yesterday and figured that 1100 was to be slack tide turning to ebb tide. (This is all new to us.) So 1100 was our estimated time of departure, although, once we fueled up, pumped out, and filled our water tanks it was more like 1230 when we left Catskill River.

It's another warm sunny day and it's hard to believe it's mid September and, again, this part of the trip is nothing like we expected. In fact, it's much nicer. It's a good thing we didn't ask too many questions about the Hudson because this way we have no preconceived ideas of how it should be. It's a good way to have it. No expectations equals no disappointments.

The scenery is spectacular with the Catskill mountains in the background and the river is wide and magnificent with beautiful estate homes lining the shores. Every now and then a tug boat will pass us or even a barge being pushed by a tug. Harley and I are so relaxed and happy and we are now totally convinced we were meant to do this.

We stopped in Kingston today and decided to swing on our anchor for a change and we are thinking we just might stay here for another day.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Janice. Hope the day was wonderful for you. It seems it must have been as all the days you have experienced on this journey have been great. We miss you guys, but are thrilled for you and the this awesome adventure you are on. I'm sure this B-day will go down in history as pretty memorable for sure.
    The "Other" Armstrongs.... <><