Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Life for me is a Riverboat Fantasy"

Harley’s teeth are fixed and we are underway once again. Tonawanda was nice but we had seen everything we wanted and it was time to carry on.

And carry on we did. The Erie Canal, so far, is more interesting than I had ever expected and I love it. It helps that today was a picture perfect day with blue bird skies and warm temps. Along the canal there are areas of parkland and areas with cottages, and long stretches of wilderness with trees and vines overhanging the river. Every now and again we’d even see a heron perched on a branch. It was very reminiscent of Florida at times. The only things missing were alligators.

Entering our first set of locks at Lockport was awesome and we couldn’t get over how massive they are. We planned on staying at Lockport for the night but the Lockmaster talked us into carrying on to Middleport where the docking facilities are much better. We asked the lockmaster to pass a message on to Lion’s Paw letting them know that that’s what we have done as they, I think, are only a few hours behind us.

So here we are in Middleport. We’ve checked out the town, Harley is making dinner, and life is good.

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  1. We stayed in Tonawanda today and will head your way first thing tomorrow. Lion's Paw