Thursday, September 17, 2009

A "Golden" Moment.

Kingston, Connel, and Port Ewen.

These three towns are so close together they may as well be one. We docked the dingy in Connel, did laundry in Port Ewen, and on the other side of the channel is Kingston.

We stayed in this area for a day and took in the sights. In Kingston we went to a fascinating Marine Museum were we, (get this), got the "Seniors Discount"! Crap! And the other day someone asked us if we were "Snow Birds"! Needless to say I am feeling pretty old these days but if this is what old is I'm o.k. with it.


  1. Hi Harley and Janice,

    My brother Kevin left for points south this week as well. He is going to truck the boat from Rochester to Annapolis (not sure why) so I guess he will be slightly ahead of you. Anyway, keep an eye out for a Catalina 42 "Zest II".


  2. Sounds like you're having an awesome time. Dave and I are watching your progress on mapquest.
    Miss you at RVH, you won't reconize the place when you get back....lucky you.