Friday, September 11, 2009

Marg's Birthday

Fall was definitely in the air this morning as we were delivering our freshly baked cinnamon rolls that I and Pillsbury baked for Marg’s birthday. They were nearly stone cold by the time we walked down the dock. It turned out to be a long pants and sweatshirt kind of day but, hey, we’ve been very lucky so far.

Little Falls was a beautiful spot just as the cruising guides promised. Since this town is nestled in between the Adirondack and the Catskill Mountains it makes for some spectacular scenery. And it had the coolest lift lock as well being, not only the tallest, but the only one of two like it in North America where the boaters travel under the lift door.

We knocked off another big chunk of the Erie Canal today and ended up in Amsterdam. (Yes, that is in New York State) We are ever so slowly getting closer to the Hudson River were we will be able to put this stick back where it belongs and become a sailboat once again. But for now we are enjoying our power boating days.

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