Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roll'n, Roll'n, Roll'n down the River

From Brockport we moseyed along to Palmyra, and from Palmyra we sauntered along to Weedsport. Today we are probably going to stop at Brewerton.

I know I am probably sounding more like a broken record these days, but we are having a fabulous time travelling the New York canal system. We promised our friends that we would share everything on this blog; not just the good stuff, but really, everything is just great. The weather has been fantastic and the scenery is out of this world. There is something new and interesting around every corner. I just love this part of the trip.

We are getting quite good at handling the locks now and the lock operators are super friendly and courteous. Most of them are even chatty wanting to know where we are going and where we are from.

The coolest surprise came at lock 26 were the cutest Mennonite family greeted us. There were children of all ages hanging off the railings and the whole family, all 30 or more of them, seemed to be just as intrigued by us as we were of them. I am so happy that Marg was able to sneak a few pictures.

Yesterday we stopped at Weedsport. The dock/dilapidated wall was situated in front of a roadhouse restaurant and when we arrived it looked to be full of bikers. When Marg jumped off her boat, in her bikini, she yells out….”The hookers have arrived!” hehehe!

We are having so much fun!

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