Friday, September 4, 2009


When we arrived in Middleport the day before yesterday we found a sleepy little town that consists of a pub, a greasy spoon diner, a classy coffee shop, and a bank. Blue Blazes was the only boat tied to the wall with the exception of a 24 ft. power boat that looked like it had been there forever. Since then more boats have arrived including Lion's Paw who we were waiting for but I thought I'd share this before we leave.

Journal entry September 3

We went for a walk after we had breakfast at the local diner and again, I can't believe how dead this town is. You don't even see people on the streets. The only sound you hear is the high pitched buzz of the cicada bug (or heat bug as I call them). The sun is shining and there isn't a breath of air making it almost uncomfortably hot, but I'm not complaining. These are the kind of days we live for.

As we walked through the residential areas it was quite evident that this is not a well to do town. The homes are modest at best but their grounds are well kept with even the most dilapidated homes having nicely manicured lawns. However, the town definitely had a back-country hick feel to it and I kept expecting to hear banjo music at any time

For me that just about says everything there is to say about Middleport. Today we head for Brockport to see what that town has to offer. Will keep you posted.


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