Sunday, September 6, 2009


Are we behind schedule? Maybe a bit. Do we care? Not a bit!

Brockport is a university town and, in sharp contrast to Middleport, this is a happening place. This would be the first week of university, or maybe even frosh week, but whatever it is this town is a buzz with happy young adults. Thank goodness Lion's Paw needed to stay for an extra day to wait for their much needed (and much desired) wi-fi antenna to be delivered because that gave us an excuse to explore this really cool town.

Given that sailors never pass on anything free, the four of us took advantage of the free bike rentals offered hear on the dock. We biked all around town and through the university campus on bikes that left little to be desired, but that just added to the fun. Later we had dinner at one of the MANY pizza joints and both evenings we sat on the dock until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer laughing ourselves silly.

This is such fun!

Today we move on. Fairport is our next stop.


  1. It would be helpfull if you said the state and a close by city so we knew about where you are.Im still at Don and BEnitas doing house repair stuff. Kevin

  2. Hi Kevin, We haven't left New York and it will probably be another 10 days or so before we do. Once we get to New York city, we plan on checking out the sights so it could be even longer.