Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still in Sandy Hook

So hears the scoop.

We are still here, putting in time, at Sandy Hook in New Jersey waiting for a good weather window to head out. It’s looking like we will be leaving tomorrow as the wind is forecasted to switch from the South, which is exactly the direction we want to go, to the West, which is perfect. Harley was happy to have some spare time anyway as he wanted to do an oil change.

Well, when Harley does an oil change the whole boat gets torn apart leaving, literally, no room for me so I decide to take the dingy and go socializing. After a few moments of standing in the dingy I came to the realization that I have never driven this dingy before. So, I look at it, study it, figure out how it works, and after about 10 pulls I get the thing started.

Feeling quite pleased with myself I head over, slowly, towards our friends boat about 100 yards away. I’m about 100 feet away when I notice a boat charging towards me and as it got closer I notice it’s a cop. I’m thinking, what the h***, here it is my maiden voyage and I get stopped by the cops! He, being very officious, asked me where my life jacket was, luckily I had one, and then he asked if there was a reason why our dingy wasn’t registered. I had to explain to him that it is registered but we just haven’t got around to putting the numbers on yet. Then he asked, “Are you Canadian?”

I said, “Yes”.

He said, “Get out of here.” meaning I was free to go.


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