Monday, November 9, 2009

You Know You're in the South When......

November 8th

You know you’re in the South when:

1. You start seeing Palm trees.
2. The locals say things like “Where are all you all head’n.”
3. You see grits on every menu.
4. Spanish moss drips off the trees.
5. You have a close encounter with dolphins while tooting around in your dinghy.

This was a perfect day!

As much as we loved Wrightsville Beach, it was time to move on so today Lion’s Paw and Blue Blazes motored down to Southport near Cape Fear.

Since we arrived early, we decided to put down the dinghies and head over to Bald Head Island and do some exploring. Cars aren't allowed on the island, and golf carts are used instead. We thought this would be a neat place to check out and it turned out to be a great stop. The four of us had fun touring the island and taking lots of pictures.

But nothing could top the experience we had on the way over. Three dolphins, (maybe more) started surfacing all around our dinghies. I was soooo excited that Harley thought I was going to pee my pants! Finally I got some decent pictures.

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