Thursday, November 12, 2009

Remembrance Day…..A Day to Remember

November 11th

This was a day we will never forget.

The day started off bad. We could hear thunder rumbling in the distance and see the lightning. Normally we wouldn’t head out with the threat of a thunderstorm but we sure didn’t want to be where we were….in the marsh with no protection. So we pulled up the anchor and left in the first light of day.

It rained off and on all day, heavy at times with high winds, but luckily, no storm. After about 4 hours into the day we drove into what felt like thick glue and then the glue set. We were stuck fast on a shoal in the I.C.W.

We slammed it in reverse….nothing. We goosed it in forward ….nothing. We put up the sails to help lean the boat over; making it draw less…nothing. In the meantime, the wind picked up and it started pelting in rain adding to the drama. Anyway, the tide was coming up and about an hour later we drifted off.

Unfortunately, while we were slamming and goosing we must have done something to the transmission. Now we are floating down the I.C.W. with little to no forward. It was time to call Tow Boat U.S.

We were told before we left Ontario that we were not to enter the I.C.W. without an unlimited towing package from Tow Boat U.S. because if we ever hear of anyone going down the I.C.W. without running aground we will know they are liars. So we call Tow Boat and don’t they tell us that the package we have only covers the first $50.00. The bill was going to be 400.00 plus. Needless to say, we limped our way to the first marina we came to.

There was an apposing current coming into the marina and by this time we had next to no forward. We were dead in the water. It was a struggle but we managed to get into a slip with many hands on deck to help.

The staff at the marina were fantastic with us and said if we need anything….a ride into West Marine…..anything…just ask. Well the nicest young man, Chase, drove us into West Marine. (While we were there we inquired why our tow package didn’t cover what we thought it should and it turned out that the plan had been coded incorrectly. We had coverage all along.)

Once we were done at West Marine, Chase, being the nice guy that he is, asked us if we needed any groceries. We weren’t planning on doing any shopping but he insisted saying that we might as well take advantage of the car and he didn’t mind in the least so we did. Then, on the way home, he took us on a guided tour of the town showing us all the sights. It’s just another example of southern hospitality.

This is a very upscale marina we are in and it even has bar and restaurant. It was happy hour by the time we returned from our shopping trip so we went in for “a” drink. A very friendly (millionaire) boater befriended us and kept our glasses topped up and later invited us back to his million dollar yacht to give us the grand tour.

Tomorrow we will deal with our transmission problem.

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  1. If you have to stuck somewhere, you might as well hang with the rich and famous. We have 3 anchors deployed and are behind that island (a bump of marshland) near Wappoo Bridge. Call us, we miss you already and will wait until we know you're being looked after. Love Marg and Steve