Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In Florida...almost.

After spending nine days in the Isle of Palms we are now on our way again. Even though our stop there was unexpected and due to a mechanical breakdown, we left with mixed feelings. Certainly we were happy that our transmission was fixed, and glad to be on our way again, but it felt a little sad like the end of a vacation. Our wallets were emptied but the days were filled with fun, laughter, and adventure…just like a vacation. I will always have fond memories of the Isle of Palms.

There has been no internet on Blue Blazes for a few of days, which is why there hasn’t been any postings lately. The first two days were spent strictly travelling down the I.C.W. Since we were trying to make up for lost time, we only stopped at dusk to eat and sleep and left again at dawn.

Finally, we anchored in Bull Creek near Hilton Head, South Carolina where we met up once again with Lion’s Paw and stayed put for a couple of nights. When we arrived, Marg and Steve surprised us by preparing a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Given that the four of us missed our Canadian Thanksgiving, and the American Thanksgiving is just around the corner, they thought it would be a good idea. They had turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, green beans, corn, and gravy. Our boating friends will appreciate that preparing a meal like this in our small galleys is no easy feat. Everything was delicious and we all ate till we were stuffed. Marg and Steve, if you are reading this, thank you so much!

We stayed in that area for a couple of days as we were waiting for good weather to head off shore. Well, we found our window of opportunity and last night we sailed down to St. Marys, Georgia, which is on the Georgia/Florida border. It was a long trip, with very little wind, but we at least made some good headway. And, I have to admit, it sure beats too much wind.

St. Marys is another town that loves boaters and they even put on a wonderful thanksgiving dinner just for them so, needless to say, we will be staying until then. After that…..well…..Bahamas isn’t too far away now. We will probably go to the Florida Keys first but it won’t be long after that.

Pictured above:
Boats lined up on the Savanah River getting ready to head off shore.

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