Monday, November 9, 2009

We got up at the usual time (6:00) to leave at 6:30, (I’m so glad I took a year off work so I could relax and get up whenever I feel like it) but there wasn’t anything routine about what happen next. It seems there is a 4ft.+ tide here and, where there was plenty of water when we arrived yesterday, there was barely 5 feet this morning. Blue Blazes draws five feet and we ended up bumping and grinding our way out of the anchorage. Unfortunately Lion’s Paw with it’s 5 ½ foot draft was not so lucky. They were stuck hard and had to wait for the tide to rise before they could get out. By 8 o’clock the tide had come up enough for them to plough themselves out of there.

It was a long trip today but it was beautiful as we passed many Plantation style homes landscaped with flowing palm trees. We also crossed the border into South Carolina …..another milestone. Tonight we are in Bucksport tied to a dock for a change

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