Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pictures or stories?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is my explanation for all the photos lately. It hasn’t been that I have been too busy to write. In fact I have had enough time to pluck each and every leg hair out with tweezers. (Yes, I am living proof it can be done and I got the idea from another boating friend who did the same…lol). Now if that’s not having time on your hands I don’t know what is. Quite simply, I’ve just been too lazy to write.

We arrived in Georgetown a week ago after a phenomenal 30-mile sail from Cave Cay. There was an offshore breeze 18-20 knots and we sailed 45 degrees to the wind. Blue Blazes loves these conditions and she flew like a bird. It was amazing.

Georgetown, like I have mentioned before, is an extremely popular place. At last count there were 185 boats anchored here. That may sound like a lot but the anchorages are huge and there is plenty of room for everyone. We have moved around a few times since arriving but, until today, we have been anchoring in the less popular spots. We just couldn’t see ourselves getting involved in all the organized activities. That is until Harley signed us up for the Georgetown to Long Island Regatta, which starts this Monday. Tonight is the kick off party so we moved in close to the action so we don’t have a long dinghy ride back to the boat after.

I wasn’t too excited at first about going in the regatta because, it’s no secret, I hate racing but this 4-day event sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Harley tells me he has no interest in the racing aspect and that he only signed up for the social part. Anyone who knows Harley knows he is just feeding me a line but I have to admit it sounds enjoyable.

To my surprise the town of Georgetown is quite small. I was expecting something similar to (but not as big as) Nassau. Instead we found a laid back town with one main street and lots of character. The size shouldn’t fool anyone however, as this town has everything anybody would need and it is a great place to re-provision before carrying on to more remote places.

Anyway, it is time to move on, and we plan to after the regatta, but where? We don’t know yet. We’ll just have to see where the wind blows us.

Pictured above:

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  1. and you dident play a game of wallyball before leaving. The Out Island Regatta, end of April is fun, suppose you will be out of that area by then. Are you sailing to Salt Pond? Go see Long Island and Cat Island or better yet, come to Abaco. Good to hear your lazy now. Kevin

  2. Me thinks that "Miss Sociable" will enjoy part of the regatta as well!I'm sure you'll both get what you want from it - fun & sun.

    Pat N

  3. Hey, I think you know my good friends Linda and Dwayne Sandbo on the Seaveyor

  4. Hi Emmie! We met Linda and Dwayne in Long Island. What a wonderful couple! I really hope we meet up with them again.

  5. Great! I hope you meet up with them again too. They are great people. I am so glad they are enjoying their adventure and meeting nice people along the way. Keep having fun!