Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cave Cay - A Short Story

Journal Entry
January 21, 2010

……We wanted a nice protected spot to weather out these high winds.

Cave Cay was the perfect spot with protection from all directions but as soon as we dropped the hook a voice came on the VHF in a very southern U.S. accent, “Vessel just entering Cave Cay Cove…this is Cave Cove Marina……What are your intentions?”

Harley was still up at the bow attending to the anchor so I come back, “This is Blue Blazes, We were planning on staying the night to get out of the weather….we will be leaving in the morning.” I replied.

“Anchoring is not allowed in the harbour…You are welcome to stay at our marina” came back the voice on the other end…….CRAP!

I called Harley back to the cockpit and after a short discussion we decided (what the heck) let’s take a slip for the night. After all, we haven’t tied to a dock since St. Augustine.

“Our batteries could use a charge.” Harley says, “I bet they have water to wash the deck.” he continued,

“I bet they have internet,” I added.

We radioed back to the voice, asked the price, and then said, “What is our slip assignment.”

Two very friendly faces greeted us at the dock to take our lines. In fact, they were overly friendly, which believe it or not freaked me out. I felt like the unsuspecting tourist character from a horror novel falling victim to some horrible plot.

Besides a boat that had as much growth on it as the dock, we were the only boat there.

At first glance this place appeared modern and well kept. The buildings were outstanding and the floating cement docks were built of the highest standards, but we soon found it was only a façade. The structure that looked to be the marina office was beautiful but it was locked up tight. When we peered into the windows we discovered it was totally empty.

I left Harley at the boat and walked up to the laundry, washrooms, and shower facilities. Call it a sixth sense, but I could swear something was watching me. Sure enough I was being carefully watched by four menacing looking German Sheppards. The facilities looked like they haven’t been used in several months with dust, twigs, and leaves that must have blown in over time covering the floors.

While walking back to the dock where Blue Blazes was securely tied, I could feel the burning stares of those intimidating dogs but not only that I could hear a conversation on a VHF radio coming from somewhere up the hill.

I recognize those voices” I thought and then quickly realized it was Harley and Marg discussing where Lion’s Paw is anchored and what their plans were. Whoever was listening to that radio, was listening in on our working channel!

When I got back to the boat I tried to brush it off. “This is ridiculous.” I thought. “Don’t let your imagination run away with you.” I told myself.
I was creeped out for the rest of the day checking over my shoulder constantly. Even while on the internet I couldn’t help but think I was being watched.

The next day as we were leaving the owner of the place gave us his bill along with an 8 x 10 photo of our boat tied to their dock. (Probably taken by their surveillance camera) He said we could have it as a souvenir and asked us to come back anytime.

Not in this lifetime!” I thought.

P.S. We had a phenomenal sail yesterday from Cave Cay to Georgetown.


  1. Never heard of someone saying your not allowed to anchor unless it was inside the breakwaters of a marina. The water is public and the beaches are public all over to the high water line. They can make you feel uncomfortable being there but cant tell you not to anchor, however probably just better to move on. K

  2. Yikes - I would have been freaked out too and not slept one wink, in fact would have left - if they had let me.

  3. Do I ever feel stupid!

    After that long story about how spooky Cave Cay was, don’t I find out that it’s owed by a celebrity who has more money than God? That would explain the three beautiful (empty) resort-like homes with the very sophisticated communication aerials on the property. It would also explain the private air strip, the quality of the construction, and all the surveillance…….Duh!

    Apparently (but it's not confirmed) we were staying at Oprah’s private island. Now I wish I had taken pictures.

  4. Well, as I said before, I still would have been freaked. Weird, tho. Pat N

  5. You are a good story-teller. But I don't see in your story anyplace where you were treated unfairly by the facility. You were in a cove within a privately-owned island and marina. Of course, you can't stay for free. You were nicely contacted and agreed to stay. And NICE people helped you at the dock. Don't see a problem there. Maybe the place hadn't been used in a while. It is way off season. And the dogs. You didn't say they attacked you or even barked. Just watched. Might be you are not a dog lover.
    I'm guessing you got your water and electricity.
    Obviously, the internet. And a nice photo too!

  6. The island is not owned by Oprah. It belongs to the nice man with the Southern accent who personally saw you off and gave you the free photo of your boat!

  7. Quality construction,8+10 photo,etc,etc,boat slips no less.I want to cry. I remember Cave Cay was just an anchorage with a tin shack and an old man named Ferguson who weaved palm fronds for a living. Enjoy " paradise ". I know you mean well. Thanks for being friendly.
    Cool Runnings
    36' Marine Trader Trawler
    Sold, waiting on Defever

  8. It's a private island, not a working resort. They have a right to question and be suspicious of anyone and to have a few "menacing" puppy dogs for security. Sounds like they treated you very well and did you the kindness of letting you take refuge on their private property. Nice to see the gracious way you accepted their hospitality. Next time perhaps they'll think twice about doing the same.

  9. Did some reading and apparently the harbor is considered private. Really, why would anyone who values their privacy want to spend $110,000,000 to buy an island with a public harbor that allows people to infringe on their privacy.

  10. I stayed here 2 nights and the owners son and staff could not be nicer....the dogs are docile and greeted the kids daily. I'm actually posting from their wifi watching a gorgeous sunset. Next door is Copperfeilds Musha Cay where Ophra stays when she needs an escape at 50K/night. Why is it that sailboaters are cheap, suspicious and the ones we want to avoid at the ports of call??????
    Thanks Cave Cay!!!!! Paradise found!!!!

  11. I sailed with my brother and his family to the Exumas in the Summer of '07...and we stayed, by invitation of the owners (witht he southern accent) at the marina in Cave Cay. As others have said, it is a private island - and was, for me, unlike any other place in the world I may have the chance to visit. The snorkeling was fantastic, trips to swim at near-by sand bars in the dinghy (with the german shepards) were amazing,....the private tour of the islandby the owners (S & C)was second to none - they have put in a lot of hard work and have gainfully employed Bahemians in need of work. Nice story though :)

  12. I am so sorry! This is my personal blog that I was keeping up while I was away two years ago so my friends and family could follow along with our travels. I didn't intend to offend anyone and at the time I didn't realize that anyone and everyone would be able to view my blog. Lesson learned! In the future I will be more careful and make sure I have my facts straight. Sounds like I was totally wrong about this place. Please accept our appologies.