Friday, January 8, 2010

Now This is the Bahamas We Were Looking For

Five days ago we left Nassau and had a great sail across the Yellow Bank to Allens Cay. This type of sailing is all new to us and we have discovered that one has to be on their toes to sail in these waters. Like the Great Bahama Bank, the Yellow Bank is very shallow and we could see bottom the entire way. The difference though is that now we had to have a sharp eye out for coral heads. Given that this is our first time down here we weren’t even sure what a coral head should look like so it was a bit nerve racking at first. We soon found out that coral heads are well charted and once we saw one it was really quite obvious where they were and they were easily avoided.

Allens Cay is a beautiful place but what draws cruisers here is the rare species of giant iguanas that have taken up residence on the island. Who could pass up an opportunity to visit ugly, intimidating, and somewhat aggressive creatures like that? Well I can think of someone. As soon as anyone comes to shore in their dinghy they start to come out of the shadows looking for handouts. We stayed on the beach just long enough to throw them our peace offering and snap a few pictures. That was enough for me.

We stayed in Allens Cay for two very windy and very rocky days. From there we sailed to Normans Cay….again, another impressive spot. The sand, the water, the coral, the colours, and the scenery were absolutely stunning. Now that’s what it’s all about but nothing can match the beauty of Wardwick Wells Cay where we are now.

Wardwick Wells Cay is where the headquarters of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is located. Not only is the scenery exquisite, the Exuma Park is a "no take zone" by land and sea, which means the reefs are abundant and the beaches are pristine. Today I feel like we experienced the best that the Bahamas has to offer. This is the Bahamas I was looking for.

1. A picture taken while snorkling today.
2. The view of the anchorage at Wardwick Wells Cay.

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  1. Now you know why I moved here. 3 years down there and I never got jadded to the colours, beaches and sealife. Glad to hear you are having a great time and more to come. Make sure you go up into Halls |Pond creaks with your dingy and check out the ocean beaches and cliffs as well. At trhe end oif the Halls Pond creaks you come the end which is by an ocean beach and a walk up a hill to a place where people leave messages. Have fun, but that not a problem down there. Cheers, Kevin