Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beautiful People

The Bahamian people, from what we have experienced anyway, are a rare breed. We could all take lessons from these beautiful people.

Yesterday, for example, we went to a restaurant that runs on an honour system. Lorraine the owner says, “Take what you want, write it on a piece of paper, and pay me later”. It doesn’t even have to be today!

And today, at the laundry mat the proprietor (Ida) takes orders for conch fritters (six for a dollar!), cooks them up right there, and serves them to you while you finish folding your laundry.

In every little village we have stopped at the local people have been incredibly friendly and seem genuinely happy to have us there. Almost without exception, they won’t pass us on the street without giving us a friendly hello…..even the children say hi.

They live simply, have little money, but they are millionaires in quality of life. I am so envious of their laid-back lifestyle. Harley and I joke about it and say, “even the criminals lack motivation!”

Having said that, we never leave the boat unlocked and always put the dinghy up at night. Old habits die hard.

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