Thursday, December 31, 2009

"It's Better in the Bahamas"

Journal Entry December 26, 2009-12-30

We left No Name Harbour at 1200 midnight and sailed into the darkness. The wind was blowing form the north/west at 10 to 12 knots as we slowly weaved our way through the shoals just outside the anchorage. Our navigating was good and once out in the open we set our sails, set our auto helm, and sat back.

“We’re going to the Bahamas!”, we yelled out at the top of our lungs.

The wind picked up through the night to 20+ from the north, which isn’t recommended (and not what was forecasted I might add) but we had a fairly comfortable ride. Let’s just say, we have been out in a lot worse conditions. It was bumpy but we expected that.

When the sun came up it was interesting to see just how big those waves were...still…not too bad. But, even more interesting was that fact that we could now see Bimini right in front of us. We made it! It only took us four months and 10 days.

I wrote that in my Journal four days ago. We actually sailed right past Bimini and anchored on the Great Bahama Bank that night, which was an experience in itself. It felt very eerie anchoring with no land in sight. In fact the closest land was a good forty miles away. The next day we sailed to Chub Cay (in the Barry Islands) where we spent a couple of days before we headed down to Nassau where we are right now.

Our two days in the Barry Islands were superb and we spent our time there swimming and snorkelling. We even harvested some conch and made cracked conch appetizers for happy hour.

Yup, it’s true what they say, “everything is better in the Bahamas.”


1. A secluded beach in the Berry Islands
2. Marg showing us treasures found while snorkeling


  1. Welcome to de islands mun, way to go, glad to see you speared a conch. Next stop, Exuma. Kevin

  2. You're a funny guy Kevin! Harley dipped his line in the water for the first time and within minutes he had a "fish on" Too bad it was a baracuda.

  3. The smaller Baracudas are good to eat. Try to catch a mutton snapper,one of the best around, sure you brought the proper lures ,a pink bomber or silver spoon, good luck. Kevin