Friday, December 18, 2009

Held up in Fort Lauderdale

Nasty weather has prevented us from leaving Fort Lauderdale but we're o.k. with that. We have found a nice protected anchorage (surrounded by multimillion dollar homes and mega yachts) to hold up in and we feel safe and sound.

It poured in rain today but it is still nice and warm so, like true cruisers, we grabbed a bar of soap and shampoo and took our showers on deck. It seemed like a good idea at the time but after I wondered what our millionaire neighbors thought of that.......There goes the neighborhood!


1. I couldn't download the video of the "Dolphin Encounter" but was able to capture this frame.
2. One of many beautiful homes here in Fort Lauderdale


  1. Where are you going to clear into The Bahamas? Cat Island, Bimini? There is a charge for entering $150 for under 35 feet and $300 above. You should ask for 6 months,180 days but may be given 3 months and told to go to another entry port to get more time. It depends on who you get. Its nice to get 6 months but not a problem to get more time down the road except for having to be near a port of entry a week or so before your time runs out. Take your boat papers at the same time to show you have one. You could always ask for 9 months at the start if thats what you need but your unlikely to get that in one lick.

    A wind direction with north in in is not the best for crossing. I like 2 feet or less from east to west or inbetween. Also a nice day following the day you cross incase something goes wrong, that way you dont have weather coming down on you. Try catching a fish on the way, ask around for the best thing to drag, you may catch a nice dinner fish. You need to ask for a fishing permit with spearfishing as well. Ask for this or you may not get it.I hope you have a stainless spear and sling but if not you can find one over there. Cheers, Kevin
    , Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas
    ps I worked at Sampson Cay for 3 years doing salvage. I have been sold but the salvage vessel Victoria is based on Big Sampson, Mike is the captain who I worked with and Marcus |Mitchel is the owner. K

  2. It depends on the weather. We may bypass Bimini and go all the way to Nassau and check in there. It was looking like we might cross on Friday as they are forcasting West winds 8 - 13 knots sea 2 - 4 ft. But now we see that on Saturday it's back to Northwest seas 4- 6 in the gulf stream. Ideally we would like a three day window since it's our first time and for anchoring on the banks if we have to.

    Harley has his spear and fishing gear all ready. We are getting stoked now but we have to be patient. We'll get there when we get there. No point rushing now. It's taken us four months to get this far.