Monday, December 7, 2009

Vero |Beach

They call Vero Beach, "Velcro Beach" because they say once you arrive you don’t want to leave.

It appears that there is an imaginary line that crosses Florida and once you are south of it the weather improves dramatically. Seemingly, Vero Beach is south of this line, which could be why nobody wants to leave. It feels so good to have the weather we’ve travelled so far to get to.

Our jaunt down from Daytona was pretty much uneventful. We anchored in Titusville (near Cape Canaveral) for a night, which was nothing special but it didn’t matter as we were not planning on staying anyway. We arrived in Vero today at 4:30 and I think we might just stay for a day or two. Why should we be different?


Seems like some people have found paradise on the I.C.W.


  1. Im in GTCay 242 475 0974 or email Kevin and CC to

  2. Who says you have to leave at all? Enjoy. Guess you don't have to look at that god-awful Xmas tree with the stethoscopes this year lol!
    Pat N.

  3. I posted a comment and dont see it here. My Dad and |Joan are in Port Salerno just south of
    . They are on Manatee Pocket which is a very good anchorage. Its called Hidden Harbour which is on the left, west side of the pocket down near where most boats anchor in an open bay. 772 220 7834, I think they can get guests tied up for $10 a night or anchor out. They would like top see you if you want to stop there. shopping nearby. Kevin
    #32 Beacon .