Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Day

This was the day I have been waiting for and working towards for four years. I can’t believe it…..pinch me. Is it really true?

Today was my last day of work. I have been working on a program nick-named “4 over 5”, or in other words “Pre-Paid Leave of Absence”. My employer has been holding 20% of my salary for the last four years and now for the next year they will be paying me back while I am off sailing. I feel so fortunate.

A big thank you goes out to all my caring and thoughtful co-workers for sharing my excitement by throwing a fun Pizza Party in the lunch room including a cake with a picture of me and a small picture of Blue Blazes stuck in it. (Valerie, you are too much!) You truly are a great bunch and I will think of you all often while I am away. I know I will miss the stories and goings on. Please keep me updated.

But I won’t miss it too much. lol Next week will be busy taking care of the last minute stuff, such as doctor’s appointments, family gatherings, taking inventory, making lists and checking them twice…….yup we’ll be busy. Hopefully by next weekend we will be sailing off into the sunset.

Awwww, what a thought.

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  1. I will miss you....but know that things are me if you can