Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lake Huron....done that.

After much discussion the night before we decided that we would leave Port Elgin at 0900. Our rational was, since we were going to sail through the night no matter what, we wanted to arrive in Sarnia in daylight. This morning, however, the forcast had changed and if we waited until 0900 we would be hitting some pretty strong winds at the end of our leg, so at 0740 we left Port Elgin.

We had a great day of sailing with fair winds (10-15 knots) and calm seas. We could have easily sailed all day without the engine but we ended up motor-sailing all day as we were trying to make it before the nasty weather arrived.

It was a race between us and the weather and I guess we could call it a tie. Just as we were coming into Sarnia the wind picked up, the rain came, and so did the lightning. It was nothing serious though.

We floated into the Sarnia Yacht Club at 12:15am.

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  1. Glad your safe and sound - was worried with the very nasty weather going through. Pat N.