Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lake Erie

We did the trip through Lake Erie in two legs. The first took us to Pelee Island where we anchored for the night. At precisely 0500 the next morning we started on the next leg, which took us 31 hours and all the way (170 miles) to Port Colborne at the other end of Lake Erie. This will probably be the longest passage we do all year and, after all my concerns, I can now say it wasn't bad at all. Yesterday was lovely and sunny and light winds and again we went up to the bow and poured water over our heads to cool off. This time, however, we had our bathing suits on. We didn't want to scare Steve and Marg on Lion's Paw who are on the other boat that has been travelling with us since Tobermory and were a mere 500 yards away.

I am keeping a journal as well as this blog and this is what I wrote this morning just before we pulled into Port Colborne:

"August 25, 2009

Since we left Midland 10 days ago we have, with the exception of the day we fought a strong headwind down St. Clair river, enjoyed light to moderate winds and fair skies but Blue Blazes is feeling more like a power boat than a sailboat. So far sailing is something we have done precious little of.

Last night was no exception. With little to no wind we motored all night. Interestingly we had some excitement to keep us occupied. At midnight Pan Pan was heard on the VHF reporting a vessel that was overdue at port. The vessel was a 25' Bayliner called "Barnacle Bill" travelling from Erie Pennsylvania to Port Dover. The captain was reported to be approximately 75 years old and travelling with a dog. His path would have intersected ours so, of course, we had to keep an eye out for him. The coast guard was actively looking for him as well. A lot of dialog was heard over the VHF between rescue boats, flares were being deployed, and a helicopter was flying overhead. Finally at 1000 this morning Barnacle Bill was found.

But at 1000 the flies came! Flies I have never seen the likes of. And they came in droves. I don't know what kind of flies they were but they were light and fluffy and they attached themselves everywhere. They would fly up our nose and behind our glasses and Harley was so disgusted that he went below and hid for a while. He wouldn't admit it but I know that was what he was doing."

Anyway, we are now in Port Colborne and all is well. We are tired and in much need of some down time so I think we will be staying put for a few days. After that we head over to Buffalo and the Erie Canal where the adventure will continue.


  1. Glad to hear things are going so well with the exception of motoring more than sailing. No worries though you will have lots of opportunities in the days to come. I love the slide show and comments. We are thrilled you are getting this chance to live your dream.
    Sail On....
    Deeply Immersed....

  2. Way to go guys...so far so good! When do you hit the canel?
    Love the pics Janice!

  3. I love the photos you shared. It is great to have some pics of your own boat. We are heading back to Port Colborne on Monday and will be into the EBC on Tuesday. I also love the way you've done your blog. . . short foot note at the beginning and then the journal... I'm going to coy that style. Looking forward to catching up with you again. Have fun! Marg