Monday, August 17, 2009

Day Two

We had a great sail up to Wingfield Basin. The wind was behind us all the way up the bay and it was warm and sunny. As our sailing friends can attest, that rarely happens when you want it too. The bay was fairly flat as well and we spent much of our time chill’n out on the foredeck with the tunes on. Since we were out of sight of land and other boats we even stripped down and poured buckets of water over ourselves….and why you ask?...because we could!

The wind baffed out for a bit and we ended up motoring part of the way. Lucky for you there are no naked pictures.


  1. Too funny you guys. The "just because I can" philosophy is so liberating. Glad you could find an effective way to beat the heat!

  2. The comments were funny but I'll bet the pictures would have been even funnier. Mom

  3. Good thing you were out of sight guys, especially if there were any fisherman in the area, they might have asked were they could get "one of those things" to put on the end of their hooks. :)
    Sail On...