Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Don't Think We Are in Kansas Anymore

The trip from Sarnia to Lake Erie went well, however, we did it in two days due to a strong headwind the first day. With the current going downstream and the wind coming upstream it makes for a very slow and bumpy ride so we pulled into a small marina on Ecarte Channel off of St. Clair river where this picture was taken. The scenery was fantastic along the river with many, many multi-million dollar properties to gawk at.

The next day we took the trek through Lake St. Clair and the Detriot River, which was very interesting indeed. Going through Detriot and Windsor was so cool.

We are now in Amherstburg, and in about an hour we are taking off to travel the length of Lake Erie. We probably won't have internet for a few days so we will catch up when we get to Port Colborn. I will try to download some more pictures then.


  1. Love the rainbow. We were looking at a map figuring out what your route would be and you are a lot faster than we thought. Love Ron & Anne

  2. We've been pushing it to take advantage of the good weather window.