Sunday, April 4, 2010

Huston We Have a Problem

Little San Salvador was once a place where cruisers came to find a secluded island paradise but that certainly is not the case now that Holland American Cruise Lines has taken over this beautiful corner of the Bahamas. Ten years ago this island was uninhabited, beautiful, and pristine. Now the beach is lined with hundreds of beach chairs and every water toy imaginable. The other day we watched a cruise ship anchor and in no time there were thousands of people crowed onto this lovely beach. And once the people showed up so did all the organized activities. There were people parasailing, horseback riding, sailing sunfish and hobie cats.....and out came the food. If we were bold enough we could have easily stepped in the food line and helped ourselves but we didn't. About five hours later, as fast as the tourists came, they left, leaving the place looking like Disney Land after hours. It was all very facinating but one day was enough.

The next day we left and sailed to Rock Sound, Eluthra. It's Easter weekend and lucky for us it is also Homecomming weekend and PARTY TIME! There is music, food, and dancing in the street day and night. Given that we like to eat and dance it didn't take us long to join in. Like they say, When in Rome.......

So that's the fun stuff. I do, however, have some sad news to report. (Sad for me that is) Blue Blazes is having some technical difficulties. Our trusty Radio Lab WiFi antenna fell and broke yesterday. That means there will be no internet on the boat until we find a way to get another one. What it also means is that there will be no skype and fewer blog notes (if any) because now I have to find places on shore where I can take my computer to get connected. It's too bad, and we will try to figure something out, but for now it looks like we will have to get by like the cruisers of days gone by. Until recently it was unheard of to have internet on a boat so I guess I should consider myself lucky that I had it this long.

Chow for now.


  1. Crazy glue it back together.

  2. We did. That's what finished it off.

  3. Have just had a phone call from Margaret and she asked me to let you know that she and Steve are in Puerto Rico which belongs to the U.S. and so she managed to activate her phone, but as yet they have not found the Internet. They are hoping to make it to Ponce some time soon They think that they will be able to find Internet there. Hope that you get this. Margaret's mum

  4. Hi Margaret's mum, Thank you so much for letting us know that Marg and Steve made it safely. We are so happy for them and think of them daily. Hopefully they will get connected soon. I am sure they are excited to share their news with all their "followers".

  5. :( about the WiFi. Pat N