Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cat Island

The waves have calmed down, the wind has shifted, and we have been thoroughly enjoying all that The New Bight, on Cat Island has to offer.

First of all, what is really making it incredible is the fun people we have been hanging with the last few days, (Two couples we have met before, Jen and Maxwell on Anastasia, and Dwane and Linda on SeaVeyor, and a new couple Jim and Anne on Bees Knees) each of us different but all walking the same path and sharing the same experiences.

What makes this island stand out from the rest is the hospitality of it's residents. The people here love cruisers and go out of their way to make sure all our needs are met. Walking down the street it is not uncommon for someone to call out from their home to say "hi" and "how are you?" and "is everything o.k?". But best of all, we are anchored at the foot of Mount Alvernia, the highest hill in the Bahamas and one of the most intriguing spots we have come across. It is here that the late Father Jerome a Catholic Priest/architect built his retirement home.

Father Jerome was one of the island's noted residents who had come to the Bahamas in 1908 after a devastating hurricane and rebuilt many churches with his unique hurricane- proof architecture and stone work. The Hermitage, retirement home is really something to see and experience. All the way up the path to his home on the hill are stone monuments showing not only his artistic talent but also his genuine and humble devotion to God.

Walking and sight seeing is fun but can be tiring so we have also been doing a lot of swimming and relaxing as well. The water is as warm as soup these days and certainly not hard to take at all.

In a few minutes we are leaving Cat Island and sailing to Little San Salvator, which promises to be another unique stop.

(Pictures of the Hermitage to come.)

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  1. Did you join the rake and scrape band in Cat Island?