Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Past Time

I have a new past time and I am totally addicted. It's fun and as exciting as panning for gold. I call it beach glassing.

Most people, I'm sure, have seen beach glass before (also known as sea glass); and I'm sure most people would look at it and see a piece of garbage washed up on shore. But you know what they say, 'one man's garbage is another man's treasure'. I have admired enough beautiful beach glass jewelry and seen the value of it in the stores to convince me that it is a treasure to find and I'm determined to find it. So far I have filled a mason jar with the stuff and I am so proud of my collection.

Sea glass is glass that, for whatever reason, has been thrown into to sea. Over time this glass breaks and the pieces get ground smooth from the sand and the constant motion of the surf. A perfect piece is not shiny but is smooth and the sharp edges have been rounded. It comes in all shapes and colours. White, green, brown and turquoise are the most popular colours but sometimes you can get lucky and find red, blue or even purple. That's when I get really excited. Harley found a blue piece the other day and he contemplated trading it to me for sexual favours. (Funny guy.)

Yesterday we moved to Man O War Cay....another pretty spot here in the Abacos. The settlement there is very laid back and (like in Hope Town) the homes are sweet and very well kept. Today we sailed to Treasure Cay. We just arrived so you'll just have to wait to hear what this place is all about.


  1. Sounds like an awesome pasttime, and beautiful.

  2. ohhh I am so sorry I am going to miss you in Abaco this year ! I would have been your new best beachcombing seaglass hunting friend and showed you all my local hot spots ! lol , why don't you just drydock your boat at the GTC Shipyard and come back again and..again and... again ?

  3. Oh don't worry Mandy. We have to go back to work to build up the cruising kitty but we will be back.