Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time to pull out the foul weather gear.

Besides the fact that we are getting antsy to move on, everything is good here.

We planned to leave today but the rain has come and with it so has the cold. It looks like we will be staying put a little longer until things clear up a bit. With the heater on and the hatches battened down we are snugly sitting here doing not much more than reading and surfing the net. Thank goodness for Internet!

Of all the places to be "stuck" though, it's great that it is here in Annapolis. It's a pretty town with many trendy shops to browse through, and, since the Power Boat Show starts tomorrow, there will even be a free shuttle to take us downtown just a short walk away. (Cruisers love anything free!) Also within walking distance is a laundry mat, drug store (with a liquor store in the back), and a grocery store. What more do we need?

Hopefully our next post will be telling of our sailing adventures.

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  1. Kevin Bennett Green Turtle Cay BahamasOctober 21, 2009 at 5:29 PM

    Keep moving, in 1982 I left the Little Wicomico River in my lobster boat and it was snowing. Nov 21st.You only have a few weeks.