Sunday, October 18, 2009

There's a Place in the Sun....Somewhere

Journal entry:
October 18

It's 2:25am and as Harley is softly snoring away (bless his heart) I'm lying here listening to the rain beating on the deck and the wind howling through the rigging. I've been up a couple of times to check the anchor and make sure we're not dragging. There's no need to wake Harley. I'm quite capable of hauling his sorry a** out of bed if I need him.

This is day four of this cold wet weather. Yesterday I could see my breath when I woke up, which adds to the condensation problem we have making the boat just as wet inside as out. Every five minutes we go around wiping up all the drips.

We are, however, trying to make the best of it. The other day the four of us,(Marg, Steve, Harley and I) decided to take the bus to a nice warm mall. We took the dingy to shore (in the rain), walked 20 minutes to a shuttle bus (in the rain), which took us to the place where we catch the city bus. We waited 20 minutes (in the rain) for the bus to take us to the mall. By that time I was so freezing cold it felt good to sit on that warm, crowded, and smelly bus. I would have been just as happy to stay on that bus and ride around town all day. Now that's desperation.

Last night as I lay there awake I came up with a solution to combat all this cold and wet. (I do my best thinking at that time of day!) Harley can stop breathing and I can take the next plane bound for the Caribbean and come back when this is all over.

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