Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feels Like Home

I am all showed out! The Annapolis Boat Show is interesting for sure and a great place to pick up those things you just have to have for your boat (and things that you don’t really need but bought anyway), but man is it tiring. The best part though, for me, was meeting up with friends from home.

It was so nice to see Paul and Denise again who met us on Friday, and for three days took care of us like we were family, taking us shopping and eating out. I can’t begin to express how much we appreciated their help.

Also, much to our delight, we met up with several other people from back home. John P., Terry, Ken, Grace, George, John B., Jerry, Jeff, Ted, Maggie, and Roy....It was so great to see everyone.....It felt like old home week! You would have thought we planned it.


  1. Happy Birthday Harley from Greg, Nancy, Noah & Sarah. Hope you are having a great day. What an incredible way for both you and Janice to be able to celebrate both your birthdays aboard Blue Blazes.

  2. Kevin Green Turtle Cay, BahamasOctober 14, 2009 at 10:17 AM

    Do I have to call Harley MR Armstrong now, well at least for a few weeks. Hope to see CA and the rest of the family soon. Im out in NS with Mandy and family untill next monday. Its about to snow so your heading the right way. Kevin

  3. Hi there. When are you heading south? We leave the 20th and hope to relaunch Adamant by Oct 30. We will hang around the area until Kent and Linda Charters arrive sometime about the 6th of November. Hopefully you will be somewhere in the area by then. We'd love to sail south with you. See you soon. Love to you both. Lynn & Pat

  4. which one pokes dead things or is it a combo poke?