Saturday, October 31, 2009

Elizabeth City

There was a mass exodus from the welcome centre yesterday and at 0730 sharp a flotilla of 10 boats moseyed down the lazy river to Elizabeth City

They call Elizabeth City the "Harbour of Hospitality" and they weren’t kidding. This town loves cruisers. Dockage is free, volunteers greet you at the dock and help with dock lines, there is a free shuttle to the grocery store, and there is even a welcome wine and cheese reception. The mayor of the town, who happens to be a boater himself, came down to welcome us and, of course, to promote his beautiful town.

Tonight is Halloween and, since there are several cruising families on this dock, it promises to be a fun time.


  1. Janice: Was thinking of you yesterday on Hallowe'en remembering your wonderful mole & lips last year with your ol' hooker costume - lol!
    Pat N

  2. Kevin , Green Turtle Cay, BahamasNovember 1, 2009 at 6:39 PM

    A hooker costume???????I assume thats what you wear when your trying to catch a fish....right?

  3. She made another appearance this year! hahaha

  4. Elizabeth city used to be nice but they ran the rose buddies off and they have been replaced with homeless looking for hand outs. The restaurant scene is weak to say the least. I anchor behind goat island or in the canal but usually I run coinjock instead. The dismal is just too full of logs.