Sunday, March 21, 2010

What next?

Adjusting back to our quiet and serene lifestyle is going to take some time I think. Brent and Alyssa (pictured above) left yesterday and today the boat seems so quiet. Almost too quiet. We thoroughly enjoyed having them on board for two weeks.

Our days were full as we tried to experience everything the Exumas had to offer. Not only did we see the islands again and through the eyes of first-timers but we experienced them with the enthusiasm, energy, and endurance that comes from being young. Brent and Alyssa gave us this and much more and we are going to miss them so.

Today we are relaxing and making plans for our next leg of this adventure. The plan (a loose term) is to head east to Long Island, then Conception Island. Then north to Cat Island, Little San Salvador, and Eluthra before we head up to the Abacos. Of course this is all weather permitting. One thing for sure....we are going to be heading north soon. There is so much more to see and do before we start thinking about coming home.

Also, not many people know that we are not planning on travelling up the I.C.W. on the way home. Instead, in order to maximise our time down here, we have decided to sail the boat state side sometime in June and have it shipped back to Ontario on a truck from wherever we end up ..... Florida, or Georgia.

As you know we have rented our house while we've been away. The lease was to run to the end of July but our tenants have asked to break the lease and are leaving the end of April. This definitely changes things as we have been counting on our rent cheques to help finance this trip but sh*t happens and we are sure we can deal with it, however, it may change our return date slightly. More on that later. For now we intend to enjoy every minute we have here and not think about coming home.

This time last year we were stressing over all the details of getting the boat ready, renting the house, and leaving our jobs. Now the stress comes from wondering how we are going to manage a "normal" life again on

P.S. Pictures to come when we have a better internet connection.

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  1. They're short staffed in SDC now so who knows if you need to come back early? Pat