Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Great Crew

To be honest I was a bit worried about having company on board for two weeks. Blue Blazes is not a very big boat and with all our cruising gear and food stuffed into her the space down below seems even smaller. However, Brent and Alyssa have proven to be such great crew and good company that we don't even notice the lack of space.

Both Brent and Alyssa have adjusted to the cruising life like ducks to water. The weather has been good but the wind is quite strong, which means the boat is in constant motion ....not always the best scenario for anyone not used to it.....yet neither one seem to be too affected by it. I am especially proud of Alyssa, what a trooper.

As well, we couldn't ask for better guests. If everyone were like them we'd want visitors every week. They both pitch in and help so much that we are definitely going to miss the extra two sets of hands when they leave. But most of all, we are enjoying their company. It's great to be with family and we cherish every minute we have with them.

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