Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It's been a long time since Harley and I have shared so much fun together and we are so glad that we broke down and took a slip at Atlantis Marina.

Brent and Alyssa's first day here was a very full day to say the least. We started the day with a trip into town to check out the straw market and jewelry stores. Then at 11:00 we pulled into Atlantis where we played like kids for the rest of the day.

Atlantis is Vegas, Disney, and Sea World all rolled into one. It has the glitz and glamor of Vegas; it is enchanting like Disney, and has fascinating aquariums and sea life like that of Sea World. But the most fun for us was to be had in the very unique water park. Never before have we been on water slides that throw you uphill as well as down or take you through glass tunnels surrounded by sharks. The whole experience was unbelievable fun.

In the evening we strolled through the casino where Alyssa turned $5.00 into $50.00 in less than 5 minutes. With her winnings she bought the four of us Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, which nearly cleaned her out. Nothing was cheap in Atlantis (except for us), which is why we only stayed one night but it was worth it.


  1. No waterslides up here, but we do have ice cream. What are your plans after the kiddies leave? It looks like I will go to Florida about mid May and bring Shamu back over, then up to ONt mid June. K

  2. Re: your pic of you.I would have known you anywhere with all that style!

    Pat N