Sunday, February 28, 2010

It is what it is.

We sailed into Nassau under perfect conditions. The sun was hot, the wind was 90 degrees to our beam and it was a quick, fun and enjoyable trip from Highborne Cay. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Having said that, we are so glad to be here as another cold front is expected to pass through the area tonight with another one right on it’s tail.

The last three weeks have certainly been a challenge with one front after the other and barely a break in between. It’s not the cold that makes these fronts remarkable, it’s the wind! After all, I haven’t worn shoes or long pants (except for dressing up for Valentines) since I got here so it can’t be that cold. Given that this is our first year here in the Bahamas we wouldn’t know any different if we hadn’t been told that this is “exceptional” being an “El NiƱo year”.

It is what it is and we are enjoying every minute of it. There’s no need to feel sorry for us….lol. (As if anyone back home would!) Even the rotten days are acceptable. If nothing else it gives us some down time to relax and read a book. Or, if we don't want to do that, there are always jobs to do that we can't get to when we are too busy having fun in the sun.

1. My first attempt at baking bread (made while weathering a storm)
2. A squall going through Norman's Cay.

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  1. This year there have been alot of cold fronts. Some years are different. I have never seen it snow in Normans Cay though and that is a first. I used to sell my crafts to Highborne Cay and you might see my display board for nightlights there in the store with someone elses stuff on it. Sealights.
    Canada won gold in the hockey tonight and it was a great game. Any plans for heading this way? Try to see Eleuthera first. It a nice low key island. Cheers, Kevin Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas