Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big D's

Looking for some exercise, we set out yesterday on a long walk to ‘Big D’s”. Our long walk, however, turned into a short ride. The marina staff offered us a ride to the local shopping centre, which was nice. We thought; why not shorten the 2 ½ mile trip to a 2 mile trip. So we took them up on it and after we got dropped off we started to walk. We didn’t get 200 yards down the road when a local guy stopped and offered us a ride the rest of the way. It’s just another example of the generosity of the Bahamian people. Bob was his name.

Big D’s is a funky little beach bar and, of course; we couldn’t let Bob go without offering him a drink. (He didn’t seem to be expecting anything.) The drink turned out to be three beers and lunch but it was worth it as we thoroughly enjoyed his company and, besides, we did get a ride back.


1. Conch salad prepared by Big D himself
2. Big D cleaning a conch to make conch salad
3. The beach at Big D's
4. Bob, Harley, and George

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