Monday, February 22, 2010


Some days we have too much wind and others we have too little. Then there are days when the wind is great but coming from the wrong direction. Seldom is the wind perfect but that’s sailing and we have now learned to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Our progress up the Exuma chain of islands has been slow but certainly not boring or uneventful. I can’t think of any place I’d rather be “held up” by weather than the Exumas. We have just spent an amazing week of exploring, hiking, snorkelling, and socializing. Life just doesn’t get better than this. Brent and Alyssa will be here in less than two weeks and we can’t wait to share all this with them.

Today we bid farewell to our new friends Brian and Yvonne who we have been travelling with for the last seven days. Brian and Yvonne are the most fun loving and enthusiastic couple you could ever meet and, naturally, we are going to miss their company. Unfortunately we have come to the “Y” in the road. They are heading north to the Abacos as they need to be back in Canada by April 1st. We, as you may remember, are headed for Nassau. Hopefully someday our paths will cross again.

We’re finding that this is what it’s all about. People come and go into our lives and each brings something special that somehow enriches our existence. We shouldn’t feel sad when they leave but, rather, happy to have had the opportunity to get to know each other. Marg, Steve, George, Kim, Brian, Yvonne…(the list goes on)…. Thanks. It’s been a blast!


1 & 2 snorkelling
3. Dinking
4. another beautiful beach
5. Brian on a hammock made from stuff washed in on shore


  1. If you can get in touch with your friends that are heading to Abaco, tell them to look me up if they end up in GTcay which everyone does. 475 0974 Im on the road between White Sound, near Brendals dive Center and the ocean beach If they ask at the dive center they will know how to find me. A 3 minuet walk. Cheers, K

  2. Hi Kevin, We are meeting Brent and Alyssa March 6th in Nassau and dropping them off in Georgetown on March 21st. From there we will head north to Abaco visiting Conception, Rum Cay, Cat Cay, and Eluthra. We'll likely be in Abaco by mid. April. We hear that Little Harbour is a good stop and it would be very cool to meet you there (weather permitting of course) but not to worry. We'll be seeing you in GTC if not.

    We're not sure if we will be in contact with Brian and Yvonne before they make it to Abaco but thanks for the directions

    See you soon.