Friday, July 10, 2009

It's official. We are now boat people.

Life has been absolutely insane lately but, like every other hectic time in our lives, we handled it better than we thought we could.

On July 1st we met with a very nice couple who were interested in renting our house. After a few minutes of us telling them what our plan was, and them telling us their story, we knew this was going to be an arrangement that works for everyone involved. We couldn't be happier with Frank and Lisa and look forward to a pleasant landlord/tenant relationship. Again, luck is shining on us.

The last 10 days have been spent packing up our house. Now, to most this would seem like plenty of time but don't forget Harley and I work full-time. We didn't miss one minute of work. The biggest challenge was trying to fit everything we had into a little room that Harley had made in the basement. As it turned out, we had to leave some of our furniture behind for Frank and Lisa to take care of. Luckily they were o.k. with this. Another challenge was trying to figure out what we needed to take to the boat. I especially found it difficult figuring out what clothes to bring. After all the stuff we jammed into it, it's a wonder the boat still floats.

Dropping Rocky off at his new home was particularly hard as well. Luckily we have a lovely lady (Jeannette)taking care of him for the year. She seemed quite excited about having him, which makes me very happy. We delivered him yesterday and we have already had an update today.

Did I mention how lucky we are?

Yesterday we spent our first of many nights on the boat and we are now so pumped we can't stand it. We still have to work for another month but that's o.k. This way we should be well organized by the time we leave. Right now you should see the mess we are in. It's now time to get creative as we try to find places for all our stuff.

Tomorrow I will start to takle that. Right now I think I'm going to crack open a beer and put my feet up.


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