Saturday, July 18, 2009

I love my new home.

At 5am the alarm goes off and Harley and I set into motion. Just like any other work day, we shower, get dressed, and head out. What we are finding though, is that we can do it all a lot faster now. I couldn’t figure it out at first but I am now convinced that it’s because we are not wasting time running all over the house. For example: the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bed room, and closet, are all within arm's reach or at the very most three steps away.

I love it! It’s like living in a comfortable cocoon. There is still a lot of organizing to be done but we are getting there. There is extra stuff that we don’t need as well. We packed far more clothes than we need for one thing and I think we counted 14 coffee mugs and 12 wine glasses. The microwave and T.V. are going to be tossed out as soon as we cast off as well.

Today we are working on small projects; I’m putting some non-skid tape on the steps and cleaning the cockpit, and Harley is modifying the anchor locker so we can hang two anchors off the bow.

The countdown is on now. All going well, we will be off the dock by August 20th.

Can’t wait!

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