Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time to go Sailing Again

I bet you thought I was finished with blogging. So did I but, like it or not, I think I might have an addiction.

We've been home for 18 days now and today, for the first time in almost three weeks, we found ourselves looking for things to do. Our days have been PACKED with moving back into our house, getting the boat put back together, and reconnecting with friends and much so that it's felt more like a whirlwind.

While on the subject, moving is one of our least favorite things (yet you'd never know it with how many times we have moved over the years) and even though this, technically, isn't a move it sure feels like it with all the painting and unpacking we've had to do. Also, getting Blue Blazes reassembled and ready to sail again after her road trip was a lot of work as well. Needless to say, we are ready to unwind.

But putting all that aside, adjusting to our life and getting our "land legs" again has gone well. Having said that though, we are anxious to get on the water again where life is much simpler. In the short time we have been back we can already feel the stress that land life holds. We find ourselves stressing over whether this picture looks better on this wall or that wall.....and we really should have our driveway redone because it's looking pretty shabby compared to the neighbor's. But the biggest stress comes from the fact that we have to buy a car. Unlike many people, we dislike cars and think of them as a necessary money pit. (much like most people think of

So it's confirmed....we are weird. Georgian Bay is calling us. We plan to set sail again the day after tomorrow and stay out until the end of August. There is no itinerary, no sail plan....we are just going where the wind takes us. I may post pictures along the way. See you in September.

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