Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bahama Farewell

It was with mixed feelings and a very heavy heart that we left the Bahamas. On May 14th we started our trek home. We left from Green Turtle Cay.

As we say good-bye to the Bahamas we can't help but reflect on the memories that will, no doubt, last us a lifetime. The magnificent gin clear waters, the beautiful and friendly people, pristine white sand beaches, conch fritters, rake and scrape, dancing, laughing, swimming, snorkeling, sunsets, starry nights, beach glass, long walks, sailing, wonderful sea life, dolphins, and even sharks are just a few. The list goes on and on. Even the negative things like dodging cold fronts, or sweltering in the heat, salt on the decks, sand in the sheets, and trying to find an Internet connection are all things I will fondly remember.

The experiences we've had and the lessons we've learned have touched us in a way that I am quite sure we are not the same two people who arrived here 5 months ago. We are very lucky people indeed and never, for one minute, did we take any of this for granted. We savoured every minute and fell in love. If we had our way, we would never leave but our life back home is calling us and the time has come.

By the time I post this we will be in Florida but right now we are sadly sailing across the stunningly beautiful Little Bahama Bank. The water is the most gorgeous shade of turquoise and we are having a fabulous down-wind sail to Mangrove Cay. We even had a couple of dolphins swim by the boat a few minutes ago, which was very special since we haven't seen that many here in the Bahamas.

We will stop for a few hours to rest at Mangrove Cay before we cross the Gulf Stream to Fort Pierce Inlet.

It's the end of a chapter........ but it's not the end. There is likely much more to come. We are still a long way from home.

See you on the other side..........

(May 16
P.S. Had another great down-wind sail from Mangrove Cay to Ft. Pierce. The gulf stream was tame today. )


  1. Brings tears to our eyes.. miss you and can't wait for the next adventure together. BTW: We caught up with your friends on Gypsy Blues...will write soon, love Marg and Steve

  2. Safe travels, see you down in my neck of the planet again, and even sooner up your way. I fly out of Green Turtle this thursday, Florida for a couple of days and driving up your way. There is a chance we could meet as I pass you by on the road so lets keep in touch,let me know how far along you are. Im not sure what internet I will be ablke to get on the road but I will be stopping at friends homes along the way.
    Cheers, from your favorite Abaco connection, Kevin